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Girl on an adventure: staying driven and achieving goals

Good’s wellness writer Rachel Grunwell is gearing up (literally) for her latest adventure – a 100km bike ride from Christchurch to Akaroa on March 25. Check out her latest blog in this series about the challenge ahead. She asks what drives you? And meets a life and business coach who shares her top tips on how to stay driven and achieve goals. 

A few people have asked me WHY am I doing this challenge? I get it. Not every gal would sign up for a kick-ass 100km cycling event in the South Island – just for kicks.

But that’s kind of the point of what I do as a wellness writer; I do new things to inspire Kiwis that if this mum can, then you can.

Here are some other reasons:

  • Because I freaking love a decent, adrenalin-fuelled challenge.
    Because it scares me – therefore it challenges and changes me.
  • Because I’m crazy and stubborn enough to give it a go. I’m darn proud of this can-do, crazy, attitude I embrace.
  • Because I work with disabled athletes through a charity (Achilles NZ) and they inspire me that barriers in life are only the ones you perceive yourself. Some friends in this charity are missing limbs, sight, or struggle through debilitating illnesses, yet they do not let barriers define what they can and cannot do.
  • Because I’m curious, I want to learn and grow and I don’t want to fear TRYING.
  • Because keeping fit keeps me “well”. Movement is a proven antidote to depression and a list of other health demons that I’m trying not to tango with.
  • Because I think new experiences are a piece to the puzzle of living a meaningful life.
  • Because it’s about the journey, never the destination…
  • Because I’ve achieved so much already. From an unfit mum, to marathoner, I love looking at the impossible and making it possible!

With professional boxer and former world champion water skier Lauryn Eagle (left) at a recent Adidas event.

Anyhow, this got me thinking about what drives others and how they can stay committed.

I was at an Adidas event recently where I was lucky enough to meet Australian professional boxer Lauryn Eagle - also a former world champion water skier. She’s fierce, fit, determined, beautiful, talented and works hard.

When I asked her, what drives her to be a boxer, she revealed it was in part “a coping mechanism” after her dad died in 2008. Boxing was a way to release the sadness and anger.

“And then I fell in love with the sport,” she enthused.

She says she has learnt over the years that quality of training is more important, rather than quantity. And the key to her fitness and health too is “mixing it up”. So, she does a bit of yoga, skipping, swimming, and other things. So, I tell her that I’m usually a runner or yogi, but I’m mixing things up too with cycling…

We agree that changing things up strengthens us!

Meanwhile, Emily Gallagher, a life and business coach to a string of wellness entrepreneurs (she also runs incredible inspirational wellness events too by the way), gave these awesome top tips below to stay driven and achieve your goals: 

Get clear:

What is the actual goal/ end result you’re working towards? Get specific. Do you want to get in shape? What size pants, how many inches lost, maybe comfortable in your bikini? Is it fitness, how will you know when you’re there? Is it a huge event you are working towards? Get specific, then you want to break it down into micro goals you can measure along the way.

Emily Gallagher is a life and business coach to a string of wellness entrepreneurs

Do you believe you can achieve it?

Having goals that drive and stretch us is key, but we also need to believe we can get there, or it will simply discourage us, feeling too out of reach. We often have limiting beliefs that we inherit unconsciously from others, often that we’re’ not enough’. To combat this, we must have thoughts that move us forward. How you ask? Fake it till you make it. Beliefs form over time and we need to commit to channeling our energy into positive thoughts.


When we’re working towards any goal, it can be easy to see how far we have to go, instead of how far we’ve come. As humans, we only need to be making progress to be happy, so control your focus on the progress you’re making and this will keep you committed and positive.


Surround yourself with people who support you! Whether it’s a coach, a mentor, a friend or family member. Who you spend time with is one of the biggest influencers in how your life turns out. So do yourself (and your goal) a favour, and spend time with people who support and inspire you. 


If you miss a training session or have a food blow out, the last thing we need to do is judge ourselves for it. Being compassionate while we review what happened to mitigate it from happening in the future is key for staying positive.

Schedule & take action:

What we talk about will often be pushed aside. What we schedule, we make happen. Schedule in advance when you’re going to work on your goal & regular check ins on your goal. Then take action and commit to keeping yourself accountable.

Rachel is Good’s wellness columnist and the director of the lifestyle website . Follow her on Inspired Health’s Facebook and Instagram